Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shutters?

 A custom built-in window accent providing maximum flexibility,  insulation and control of light, privacy, ventilation using a frame with  movable louvers. Material used is hardwood.  


How much do Shutters Cost?

Example: 36"w x 42"h Opening 

 Paint $231 

Which Louver Size is for Me?

When making your louver choice, consider the size of the window and the  desired effect. The larger windows command the 3-1/2", 4-1/2", or the  new 5 1/2" louvers where the view is paramount; using the 3-1/2",  4-1/2", or 5-1/2" louvers, the eye naturally focuses on the view through  the open louvers. The smaller windows prefer the 2-1/2" or possibly  3-1/2" louvers where the eye will more naturally "see" the shutter  before observing the view. 

Can I fold the shutters against the wall on a daily basis?

Please keep in mind shutters are designed to fit an opening. The shutter  panels are movable to allow cleaning and access to the window. They are  not designed to be moved and folded up against a wall routinely. The  louvers are the control mechanism allowing rotation to provide light,  ventilation, view and privacy. 

How do I determine if I need a frame?

Frames are required for two reasons:
1) Lack of depth in the opening to accommodate panels and unobstructed operation of the louvers.
2) Uneven opening dimensions. Many openings have adequate depth but have uneven dimensions.

What Colors or Stains are Available?

We will match  any paint color you desire. To insure a close match, a paint color  number or color sample is required. Stain finish will be matched most  easily using your supplied sample. Often our clients send a piece of  door or base trim stained the desired color. Stain affects different  woods in different ways. Stain absorption varies by wood grain and base  colors of the wood. Therefore, a close match is entirely possible but  there may be variations beyond our control. 

How often do I need to repaint or stain my shutters?

Due to the high quality paint and stain process our shutters  enjoy your shutters will not need retreating for a period of around 7-10  years.Of course this varies depending on how well you treat your  shutters, but so long as you treat the panels with respect, your  shutters will last a lifetime.

What about Maintenance?
Shutters are easily cleaned using a feather duster or soft cloth.

How do I Measure my Windows & Doors?
Simple measurement of width and height is all we need for a free estimate.

What is a Divider Rail?
A divider rail is a horizontal wooden section that adds strength to the  panel and an opportunity to operate the louvers above and below the  divider rail independently. 

How do You Place an Order?
Simply give us a call at 1-818 447-8106. 

Why Should I Purchase Shutters?
The purchase of shutters is one you will live with for many years.

In our opinion, your purchase should be a combination of 1) quality of  product and 2) price. Ordering directly from the manufacture will save  you money!