Bringing the Warmth and Beauty of Wood to Your Home


Selecting  custom wood shutters for your home means more than just dressing up  your windows. Unlike other widow treatments, our shutters become a  permanent architectural improvement that actually increases the look and  value of your home. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary,  luxuriously elegant or warmly informal, custom wood shutters are a  beautiful way to add style, class, and value to any decoration. 

Aside  from the enduring charm and grace that they provide to your home, they  offer many practical advantages. Throughout the years, shutters have  earned high marks for their natural insulating properties. This is because of their unique ability to almost completely stop heat transfer,  either into or out your windows. 

Shutters  can actually enhance the value of your home. They provide the perfect  finishing touch to old or damaged windows, or windows that lack any architectural appeal. Quality Shutters Finish provides  shutters that are made to stand up to the elements, not those that  quickly warp or fall out of alignment. Our shutters are made of only the  finest quality wood, which result in stronger shutters that will last  for many, many years. 

At Quality Shutters Finish,  we provide shutters in a variety of colors and styles. We can easily  match the color in your room or even match the wood stained finish on  existing furniture or trims. Choose from many styles that will enhance  the beauty and decor of your home for years to come.

Shutters have been around for centuries, even longer than glass windows, but never before have there been so many choices.